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Accommodation and camping

The Tønder Festival Camp Site is adjacent to the Festival site. The two sites are complementary. Tønder Festival site has the stages, the music and the main events, but the vast camp site has its own life, atmosphere and informal events.

Check in

Camping tickets

Camping tickets and all other tickets will be sold via

The Tønder Festival Campsite has a new booking system, part of the new developments to improve your camping experience.

The booking system enables a better flow into the Campsite, helps the festival planning and ensures there is space for everyone on the Campsite.

You give the booking system details of your length of stay, size of your tent or camper, number of guests spending the night, and you can choose to buy electricity.
You can also choose one of Tønder Festival’s own dwellings: lodges, family teepees and tent houses.

Camping wristband

Camping units may only be occupied by people with a valid camping wristband. Others will be asked to leave.

Guests are welcome on the Tønder Festival Campsite, but they can’t stay the night.

Disabled camping

For festivalgoers with disabilities, space is reserved near the South Gate.
Here there are also toilet and bathing facilites for disabled people.
Camping wristbands for disabled people are on sale in the special slot on – Ticket Sales.
The disabled camping area is subject to the same rules as the rest of the Campsite

Does a disabled person’s carer pay full price for a camping wristband?
No. Send a mail to and attach carer documentation. Tell us whether your carer is staying in a separate tent or camper. We’ll send your carer a free camping ticket.

When can I get in to the Campsite?

There is access from 8.00 a.m. on Sunday 23rd August.
Camping Information is not open round the clock. After closing time, a temporary holding area will be established, so you can spend the night and check in the following morning.

Are there bathing facilities on site?

Yes, there are bathroom wagons with shower cubicles and hot and cold water for free use. In order that we can continue to offer this gratis service, we ask you help keep the wagons clean and serviceable.

Beside the fire tower you’ll find a big bathroom tent with separate male and female sections, simply appointed but inviting.

Most toilet wagons have a port for emptying camping toilets – use them and only them.

During the first days the Campsite is open, there will limited bathing and toilet facilities.

Reserving a space

Marking and reserving a space: pitch your tent or park your unit in your chosen space. Spaces can be reserved from Sunday 23rd August at 8.00 a.m. Goods left before then will be removed.

If you want to reserve a space for others coming later, their camping ticket must be shown. Marking extra spaces must be approved by a Campsite official.

Can I rent a tent?

No, not a tent, but a tent house, a teepee or a lodge.


Campsite Rules

Fire regulations proscribe a gap of 3 metres between units: tent, caravan, camper or car used for sleeping. No parking on Fire Lanes.


Vehicles, marquees and canopies without side walls may be parked or pitched within the safety zone.

Fire and gas regulations

The use of naked flame – open fires, fireworks, torches, gas burners, candles etc – is forbidden.

Barbecues: only in the designated areas.


Car-free Camping Zone

If you prefer to camp close to your neighbours without cars alongside, you can  choose the “Baghaven” and “Marsken”.

Prices are lower at the Car-free Camping Sone, but there are fewer tickets.

Teepee Rental

You can rent a teepee, which will be pitched and ready for you when you arrive at Tønder Festival. A teepee has a canopy of cotton/polyester and a tarpaulin floor. A teepee is 5.3 metres in diameter, 3.1 metres high and sleeps up to 8. It costs 3000 kr. to rent a teepee. You need a camping wristband as well (100 kr. each.)

Electrical power is not available for purchase for the teepees.

Tent house rental

Tent houses are centrally located on the campsite, fitted with electric light and power points, a 135 x 200 cm mattress and a safe box. Tent houses have locks, a fiberglass floor, are raised above ground level and have luggage space. Electricity is included in the rent. Renting a tent house costs 2600 DKK. Your camping wristband costs another 100 DKK each.

Can I rent a tent house for one night?

Lodge Rental

Or why not try one of our wooden lodges?
The chalets are wooden with a sturdy tarpaulin roof and room for 2 people. There are power plugs in the chalets, so mobile phones etc. can be charged. Electricity is included in the rental price.

A lodge costs 3000 DKK to rent. You buy your camping wristband (100 DKK each) in addition.



Dogs and cats can be brought to the Campsite, provided they are on a leash. In the case of any disturbance caused by pets, Campsite officials’ guidance must be followed. Persistent pet nuisance can lead to expulsion from Tønder Festival Campsite.


Electricity berths are reserved for those festivalgoers who have paid extra for it. Campsite officials will indicate the electricity berths. Reservation of berths for others entails showing electricity receipts and tickets for other units. The electricity label must be attached to your tent / caravan / camper and visible from the road.  Maximum power load: 7A/1500W. Only CEE cables may be used. The nearest power point may not be so close, so bring an extension cable. Extension cables and plugs can be hired at Ticket Counter South and collected from Camping Info.

Can I park my car on the Campsite, if I’m staying there?

Yes. Each berth can have one vehicle (car, motorcycle etc). Other vehicles can can park in the public car parks in town.
Guests in tent houses, teepees, lodges, Jam Camp and the Marsken / Fens camp area, there is parking nearby.

Parking is not permitted beside the Camping Høkeren / Grocer.

You may drive in the Campsite during your stay, but for safety reasons we ask you to keep this to an absolute minimum.


If you want to pitch a pavillion or party marquee, a separate ticket must be bought for that unit. You also need an electricity ticket for the unit at an electricity berth.

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